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"Hey kids, there's so much more in Money $ense for Kids. When you read the book, you'll learn about a few of our best friends. Now click on the GAMES below to have fun and learn about money."

All About the Bill

It's All About the Bill

Bios of the Bills

Design Your Own Bill

Money Puzzles

Money Puzzles

Matching Game

Word Search Puzzle #1

Word Search Puzzle #2

Unscramble Letters

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So, you’ve read Money $ense for Kids and you have a story you're bursting to share.  Penny and Bill and I are happy you are writing to us. Click here to the Money Story page and send us your story with only your first name, age, and the state you live in; each month we will feature a different story. Maybe it will be yours!  We can't wait to read what you've discovered.

If you have any questions about money or the book, please write to me by e-mail.


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