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Money $ense for Kids!
(Barron’s) is written in the form of a letter to children ages 8 to 108 and their families. The author uses kids' bikes as a metaphor to help children visualize the differences between risk and various investments.  2nd ed. 2004.

Money $ense for Kids! is essentially a child’s guide to the power of investing.  After completing the book, readers are encouraged to email the author at

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Comments and Reviews

A TEACHER writes,
"..I have to tell you I was so impressed with your book; I read the first 30 pages and I don't think I've ever seen anything better..."

A TEACHER writes,
"...I want you to know that the children were VERY EXCITED about investigating money and were very attentive even though it was almost the end of the year when we got a chance to start...." 

THE AUTHOR writes,
"...I know you can read the book, follow the steps and be on your way to having real money. My kids are doing it; you can, too. Today's pennies are tomorrow's dollars...."

" and their parents who pick up this book will find plenty to fascinate them. It tells the complete story of money—where it comes from, how to invest it and make it grow, how to open a bank account and use an ATM card, how to write checks and keep track of your money, and lots more...."

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Awards and Press Appearances-Partial list

The book Money $ense for Kids! and its author have been featured in numerous print media and broadcasting:

2010 Emmy for PSA: KidsFinance


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The  Daily News-Jean Chatzky
Woman's World Magazine

The Los Angeles Times
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KTWV 94.7 FM Points of Light hosted by Paul Crosswhite
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KSDO 1130 AM George Chamberlin's Money in the Morning.


Barnes & Noble.  Santa Monica, California
Walden Books.  Los Angeles, California
The Book Vine.   N. Scottsdale, Arizona

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is known by her friends as a devoted mom and a financial educator.  In her book, Money $ense for Kids!, she combines her love of children and passion for personal financial planning to create a reference guide for families wanting to teach their kids money skills.

While completing the personal financial planning program at UCLA, Hollis could see why many adults avoided planning for their financial futures.  Planning their vacations was exciting; planning for their next 5-15 years was dull and boring.  Yet, with informed financial planning, these same adults might enjoy many more vacations and opportunities.  She also noticed that many married couples had different concepts of money management and lacked a common plan to teach their own kids. 

As a solution to these two problems, Hollis took the investing component of financial planning and reframed it to be simple, fun and empowering.  Then, she targeted children, including her own, knowing they would teach their parents.

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