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Kids need a place to learn the power of saving and investing.  Since 1999, children and their families have relied on to teach them these vital life skills.  The subject of personal finance is often left out of the classroom and overlooked at home; our high school seniors failed (50.2%) a recent national Jump$tart personal finance survey!  Raising the bar of financial literacy for all ages is the mission of KidsFinance.


The site was launched by Hollis Page Harman, a financial educator, as a tie-in to the last chapter of her children’s money management book, Money $ense for Kids! © (Barron’s). Her readers of all ages are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers.  They have a direct link to the author, the financial educator, and her intellectual property.

Wanting both girls and boys to visit the site, Hollis created two characters, Penny and Bill© and their pet pig, to represent the subject.  Money games and activities were soon added to stimulate her audience further. She continues to create entertaining, educational content to engage young students in what is often perceived as a very dry subject.

The money-green Financial Literacy ribbon© was designed to reinforce her mission of coaching families and individuals towards greater financial health.  In addition, the pin draws attention to an increasing national epidemic of high school seniors who flunk tests of basic financial knowledge. As the AIDS and Breast Awareness ribbons identify worthy causes, so too the money-green ribbon symbolizes the urgency by the personal finance industry and its supporters to raise generations of money savvy adults. Join her in wearing this symbol of support.

Hollis is a frequent guest on television and radio programs; she has been quoted in numerous print media including the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Parent, Boy’s Life and Parent magazine. Hollis is available for speaking engagements, television and radio interviews, and other media requests. She has appeared before children’s book clubs, schools, parent organizations, and professional groups. Her sense of humor and passion of financial literacy engages her audiences.

She received her B.A. from Skidmore College and the personal financial planning designation (P.F.P.) from UCLA.  In 2010, her KidsFinance PSA won an Emmy award with CityTV Santa Monica. She lives and works in southern California. You may contact her at

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Money $ense for Kids!
(Barron’s) is written in the form of a letter to children ages 8 and older and their families. She uses kids' bikes as a metaphor to help children visualize the differences between risk and various investments. Money $ense for Kids! is essentially a child’s guide to the power of investing.  After completing the book, readers are encouraged to email the author at

Hollis Page Harman is known by her friends as a devoted mom and a financial educator. With Money $ense for Kids!, she combined her love of children and passion for finance to create a reference guide for families wanting to teach their kids money skills. Then, to foster communication and engage both girls and boys, she linked the website to the book and added the hosts, Penny and Bill. Her speaking engagements include kids, families and businesses. She prescribes a plan for financial health and wealth.

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